As the leading provider of pool removal services in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’ve developed the safest, most efficient pool demolition techniques in the industry. Our comprehensive pool removal services are designed to deliver exceptional results that protect your property against unwanted damage while we work.

Site Planning, Permits and Preparation

Our demolition process starts with a complete site assessment. We carefully inspect your pool, evaluate the layout of your yard, and make note of any obstacles such as fences, buried utility lines, trees, and gardens. This allows us to match the right demolition method and equipment to your specific application.

We obtain any necessary demolition permits and soil testing on your behalf, and for your peace of mind we carry full workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

Utility Disconnection and Water Removal

Once all the necessary permits are in place, our licensed pool removal contractors will disconnect and safely cap off all the water, gas, and electrical lines leading to your swimming pool. We’ll then siphon the standing water out and dispose of it in a way that complies with county water management regulations.

Pool Demolition

We’ll use hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery to carefully demolish the structure either the entire structure of your pool or just the upper portion of it. How much we remove depends on whether you’ve chosen our partial pool removal or pool removal services.

Our team of professional pool removal experts will then sort all the recyclables out and dispose of all the debris in a safe, environmentally-responsible manner, ensuring your property is protected throughout the process.

Property Restoration

Before we fill in the site with clean sand, gravel, and topsoil, we’ll inspect your property to ensure you won’t have any future issues with sinkholes, flooding, or drainage as a result of any retaining walls or deck elevations that were constructed as part of your pool. If any potential problems are identified, we’ll work to restore proper drainage on your property.