Removed more pools than any other company!

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    Owning a pool comes with several advantages but, what do you do if you have had enough of the fun and now prefer something else? Maintaining a pool that is rarely in use is an unnecessary burden—There is just so much that goes into it. You may opt to ignore it, but that is still not a good option. An abandoned pool is ugly, dangerous, and a health threat. The more the water stays in the pool, the cloudier it becomes, obscuring the bottom, and children are likely to ignore the looming danger and end up drowning. It can also turn into a breeding site or home for dangerous animals such as snakes.

    The best solution to an idle pool is demolishing it, and Remove A Pool is here to make it happen. We have been demolishing pools for several years now and have the experience to handle any type or size of pool.

      Removed more pools than any other company!

      Simply fill out the form below for a free quote. Save on pool expenses by contacting us today!

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      Services Offered

      Reclaim Your Backyard

      Our Pool Removal Methods

      The removal approach you choose will mainly depend on your preference and what you plan to do with the newly created space. However, your budget can also be a factor as the removal methods have varying costs.

      Partial Pool Removal

      It is the most common and cheapest method of pool removal. We begin by draining the remaining water in the pool then drill holes at the base to drain and remove any water that may accumulate in the future. We then demolish the top part of the pool and leave the broken demolition fragments inside the pool. Lastly, we add gravel and dust then perfectly compact everything to achieve uniformity with the rest of your yard.

      Complete Pool Removal

      This method involves demolishing every component making up the pool. Whether it is concrete, steel, vinyl lining, granite, or fiber grass, nothing is left standing. After demolitions, we tug away recyclable debris to a recycling plant and the non-renewables to a designated dump site. Finally, the pool is filled with gravel and dust and then compacted.

      Why We Are the Ideal Demolition Contractor for Your Silver Spring, Maryland Swimming Pool.

      Trust the Experts
      A pool removal contractor can make or break the success of your pool demolition project. Remove A Pool has proven its professionalism and reliability in Silver Spring, Maryland, for years now. We have handled numerous Maryland swimming pool removal projects and have the experience it takes to work on yours.

      We are Licensed and Insured
      When removing a swimming pool you need to ensure you work with a licensed contractor. Remove A Pool, works in line with the federal and local government requirement regulation. Being licensed further certifies our legitimacy and will make it easy for us to acquire permits before initiating your project. As much as we take great precautionary and safety measures in our projects, accidents can happen anytime. With Remove A Pool, you are never liable for any injury inflicted on our workers or property, because we are insured.

      We are Dedicated and Professional
      No matter the size of your project, we treat it as a work of art. We channel all our efforts, resources, and talents towards reviving your backyard for your new project. After years of experience, there is nothing we cannot handle, no matter how challenging you might consider the project. We offer our clients in Silver Spring a holistic service saving them the hassle of operating with numerous contractors for a single project. Remove A Pool will walk with you right from estimation to completion phases. Even better, we are relentless in completing the task as quickly as possible without disregarding quality. We strictly stick to the initial laid out plans and ensure that your project is timely completed.

      Post Project Services
      Our story does not end with demolition. Other than after project clean up, most of our clients appreciate the fresh grass we plant on their new space. As the grass grows, it covers the whole patch area making it untraceable. Furthermore, we keep you updated on top trending ideas to transform your backyard for a whole new experience.

      If you are planning on removing a swimming pool in Silver Spring, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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        Removed more pools than any other company!

        Simply fill out the form below for a free quote. Save on pool expenses by contacting us today!

        A Time Lapse Of The Pool Demolition Process