A swimming pool is meant to provide hours of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, more often than not, homeowners will decide one day the pool needs to go. The motivations surrounding swimming pool removal vary. Some of the most common reasons why a property owner will seek the services of Remove A Pool are:

  • Pool has become an eyesore
  • Pool needs constant repairs
  • Homeowner desires to use the property for other purposes
  • Property owner wants to sell the home
  • Pool has become a safety hazard and liability issue with the insurance company
  • Pool is no longer in use

The reasons for removing a swimming pool in Missouri City Texas vary and will depend on a homeowner’s situation. Perhaps, the kids are all grown up and have moved away. If they are the ones who primarily used the pool, but they have now moved on, you might decide the pool is just in the way and something else that requires upkeep.

The Process

  • The professionals at Remove A Pool will come out and assess your property. You will then be provided with a free estimate that includes the cost of the pool removal and options for removal. During this time you will also be given the opportunity to ask questions.
  • If permits are necessary, Remove A Pool will obtain them.
  • We will then drain your pool if it contains any water.
  • You have two options for swimming pool removal. The first is a partial (abandonment) removal. With this option, we will remove most of the pool. We will then punch holes in the remaining structure to allow for drainage. The second option is complete (exhumation) removal. Both options allow us to fill the hole with a mixture of dirt and rocks that allow for proper settling and draining.
  • After the removal, we will clean your property and remove the debris.
  • Once the property has been cleaned, we will plant new grass. Our customers appreciate this step because it restores the beauty of their property and prepares the site for the property owner’s intended use.

When the experts at Remove A Pool take on the job of removing a swimming pool, you can rest assured safety is a top priority. Everyone working on the job is highly qualified and will complete the work to your satisfaction. If you are interested in removing a swimming pool in Missouri City Texas, then call the professionals at Remove A Pool and see how we can help you.

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