Removing a swimming pool in Bellair Texas might seem like a daunting task to the average person. But, to the professionals at Remove A Pool, it is our specialty. The main reasons why we get requests for swimming pool removal are:

  • the pool is not being used
  • the upkeep and repairs are too costly and time-consuming
  • the homeowner has other uses for the space that the pool is occupying
  • the homeowner is selling the property
  • the pool is an eyesore
  • the pool presents safety and liability concerns

If you are interested in removing a swimming pool in Bellair Texas, you can rest assured knowing that the employees at Remove A Pool will do the work with a constant watch on safety while keeping your satisfaction a priority.

Remove A Pool will perform the following steps when embarking on removing a swimming pool in Bellair Texas:

  • We will assess your property and provide you with a free estimate. The free estimate will include the cost of pool removal as well as options for pool removal. During this time, we welcome your questions because we want you to understand the process.
  • We will obtain any necessary permits required for the pool removal, if any.
  • If your pool contains any water, we will drain it.
  • One option for removal is a partial pool removal, also called abandonment removal. If you choose this option, we will remove most of the pool and punch holes in the remaining structure to allow for drainage. The other option is a complete pool removal, also called exhumation removal. No matter which process you choose, the resulting hole will be filled with a mixture of dirt and rocks. Such backfill allows for proper settling and drainage.
  • Next is the cleanup. We will remove all debris from your property that resulted from the Bellair Texas swmming pool removal.
  • Finally, we will plant fresh grass in place of the pool. This gives your property a fresh look and prepares it for your intended use.

No matter what your motivation is for removing a swimming pool in Bellair Texas, you can have peace of mind when you contact the pool removal experts at Remove A Pool. Our employees are experienced and will ensure that your project is their top priority. Afterall, your satisfaction is our number one goal. If you’re tired of keeping up with a pool that has just become a hassle, don’t hesitate to contact Remove A Pool. We are here to take care of your pool removal needs.

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