Looking to have your unwanted swimming pool completely removed from your property? Planning on building an extension onto your home, installing a new pool, or creating a garden where your pool is right now? Want to maintain your property value by having the entire pool taken out?

If so, full pool removal in Dallas-Fort Worth is your ideal solution. This all-inclusive service involves the demolition, extraction and disposal of your entire pool, including the pool foundation. Our team of skilled, fully licensed pool removal experts will disconnect and cap all the utilities leading to your pool, siphon out the standing water, and demolish the structure using hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery.

Advantages of Full Pool Removal

While removing your entire pool is more labor-intensive, (and therefore more expensive) than partial pool removal, many of our Dallas-Fort Worth swimming pool removal clients choose this option for these reasons:

  • Full pool removal helps to preserve property values by eliminating property use restrictions that can come with partial pool removal
  • Removing all signs of your unwanted swimming pool guards against long-term issues that can come with having a semi-demolished pool in your yard, such as trouble with tree roots or drainage
  • In some cases, vinyl-lined pools are constructed with steel walls or a steel collar, eliminating the partial pool removal option

Our Full Pool Removal Process

When you contact us about full pool removal in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’ll assess your project and provide you with a clear, all-inclusive quote that covers everything it takes to remove your entire pool and re-mediate your property. This includes obtaining demolition permits, working with soil engineers, and back-filling the project site with clean fill to create a safe, level surface.

To learn more about our Dallas-Fort Worth full pool removal services, contact us here at Remove A Pool DFW for your free site evaluation and project estimate today.